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With the development of technology, LED mirrors have become one of the most popular bathroom products. Not only can we adjust the color of the smart mirror, but we can also play music, answer calls, and check the time and weather. I guess you would think that such a versatile LED mirror must be a hassle to install. How to install LED mirror in your home? Where is the appropriate installation location?

In the rest of this article, I will introduce you to how to install a smart mirror, without further ado, let’s get straight to the point.

Tools to prepare before installation

  • Bathroom LED Mirror
  • Drill
  • Measurement tape
  • Level
  • Wire cutters
  • Power Tester
  • Electrical – Tape
  • Cable Nuts

Security Gear

  • Image of safety gear
  • A hearing shield
  • Gloves for protection
  • A dust mask
  • Security glasses

The tools and equipment are ready, let’s start installing your mirror.

How To Install Led Mirror In Your Home?

Before installing the led bathroom mirror, ensure all your power supplies are turned off. This is to prevent any accidents from happening while you are working on the led bathroom mirror installation. Then you can start the process of installation step by step:

Assemble the electrical wiring for your LED mirror

Although most bathroom mirrors with LED bulbs need to be plugged in, some kinds require a hardwired connection. If your LED bathroom mirror has an outlet connection, plug it into a nearby GFCI outlet. You may need to plan more carefully if you have a hardwired connection.

Installing a hardwired electrical connection is the best way to install your mirror. After installing the mirror, cut a hole to create an electrical box cover. After building an electrical box, you must run a 14/2 or 12/2 wire from a power source to the LED bathroom mirror.

Measure and choose a mounting location for your LED bathroom mirror

Choose the best place to mount your LED bathroom mirror. Carefully measure the distance between your mirror’s mounting bracket and its top.

To locate the center of your LED bathroom mirror, measure and mark two points on either side of its top edge. These marks indicate the distance from each end—where you intend to mount your bracket—to the wall’s exact midpoint. You should measure the length of your mirror after choosing its size.

LED mirror

Make sure that it is level and centered from side to side and top to bottom on each stud. Decide which side of the mirror will be mounted on top. Most mirrors have a small notch in one corner that can help you determine this. If there is no notch, look for raised marks on the backside indicating where to mount it.

Mount the LED mirror mounting bracket on the wall

When you’ve chosen the place for your LED bathroom mirror mounting bracket, use a stud finder to see if you can fasten the bracket directly to your wall studs. Attach your mounting bracket to the wall studs by screwing directly into them.

LED Mirror

Use drywall anchors if you cannot attach the mounting bracket directly to a wall stud. Most LED bathroom mirrors have the necessary mounting hardware, including drywall anchors.

Connect electrical connections for the LED bathroom mirror

After you have mounted your LED mirror bracket to the wall, arrange the electrical connections. A certified electrician must connect the LED bathroom mirror’s wires to a power source to operate properly. Wire nuts and electrical tape connect hot, neutral, and ground wires. After fixing all the wires, place them in the electrical box and use wire nuts and tape to protect them.

Connect the Plug

All of our LED mirrors are equipped with both hardwired and ordinary plugs. There are two options available if a plug-in outlet is installed behind the mirror and linked to a wall switch:

LED Mirror

You can remove your outlet from the junction box and attach it to the wiring that was attached to your mirror.You can splice a flat “plug” onto the wires that feed your mirror, thereby bypassing disconnecting it from its power source.Our standard wire length is 1.2 meters, but if the customer has a larger budget we can customize wires to a longer length that would suit their needs better.

Place the led bathroom mirror on the top of the mounting bracket.

LED Mirror

Place the mounting bracket on the LED bathroom mirror. Align the tabs on the bracket with the holes in the mirror and push them into place. Then, use a Phillips screwdriver to tighten each screw until it secures tightly. The LED bathroom mirror should be mounted to a bracket that looks perfect. To hang the LED bathroom mirror correctly, first make sure that it is placed at an even height by using a level.

Inspect the LED bathroom mirror light to confirm a good installation

To complete the installation of your LED bathroom mirror, reset the circuit breaker and ensure the light is working properly. If you have completed the installation of your LED bathroom mirror, shut off the circuit breaker and check that all electrical connections are secure.

LED Mirror


In this article, we introduce how to install the smart mirror, hoping to help you. Hixen supports customization, Bluetooth, digital clock, and even your exclusive logo. We have a professional packaging team and shipping team, if you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

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