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Choose HIXEN Mirror for unparalleled LED mirror excellence. With 11 years of industry mastery, our products boast cutting-edge features, including LED lighting, water vapor removal, Bluetooth, and temperature display. Our high-end manufacturing line ensures reliability, while our commitment to OEM/ODM services solidify us as your strategic partner in quality.

We Have Warm Service & Efficiently Production Lines

Experience warm service and efficient production lines with HIXEN Mirror. Our dedicated team ensures personalized attention to your needs, creating a seamless collaboration. Backed by advanced manufacturing, we guarantee timely delivery without compromising quality. Trust us for a combination of exceptional service and streamlined production.




Customer first is our main principle, we always listen to your unique needs and provide exclusive solutions to you.

We believe in building lasting relationships, and when you need LED mirror products, you’ll think of us as the most reliable supplier.


For production orders, we have full-service teams ready to guarantee quality and lead time on every order:

All products are closely inspected twice. We take full responsibility for ensuring that our products are manufactured to standard.

We Have Perfect Customized Solution

Tailoring solutions to your unique needs, we provide the ideal answer to your LED mirror requirements. Benefit from our expertise, advanced manufacturing, and commitment to delivering a product that aligns precisely with your specifications.

Designer Advice

We provide reasonable suggestions for all smart mirror design stages. You can send us your detailed requirement so we can follow your instructions. Or tell us your usage condition, we can design for you.

  • Size
  • Function Selection
  • Shape Reqirements
  • Light Color
  • Packaging Requirements
  • Certification Options
  • Suspension Structure
  • Special Customization

The Competitive Price

At HIXEN, we take pride in offering LED Mirror products with a competitive edge in pricing. Our commitment to efficiency in manufacturing and a streamlined B2B wholesale model allows us to provide cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

As a professional LED mirror manufacturer, We have own systems for production, design and management ,also have a comprehensive and high-quality supply chain to ensure competitive prices.

We Have Reliable Quality

We have our own Testing lab and advanced and complete inspection equipment,which can ensure the quality of the LED mirrors and other products. Also, all the products will be strictly inspected by our expertised QC department.

Strong Production Ability

At HIXEN, our commitment to excellence extends to our robust production capabilities. With over 11 years of industry expertise, we are proud to showcase a manufacturing powerhouse capable of producing over 300,000 pieces of LED Mirror products annually. Our state-of-the-art facilities and a seasoned team ensure that each piece reflects the precision, quality, and innovation synonymous with the HIXEN brand. Trust in our capacity to meet large-scale demands, providing you with a reliable partner for your LED Mirror needs

Professional and Certified LED Mirror Manufacturer

We have Complete Certification
Our LED mirror has obtained overall CE & ETL certification

with IP44 grade.All of these electrical parts waterproof waterproof approval by UL or CE .

Hundreds of Happy Clients Working With Us

Hundreds of Happy Clients Working With Us

To date, we have established partnerships with over 200 clients spanning various industries and countries. Despite the diversity in their sectors and geographic locations, they have all chosen to collaborate with us for a common reason — our commitment to delivering high-quality LED mirrors coupled with unparalleled service, all at exceptionally competitive prices.

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