What Shape Of Smart Mirror Is Most Suitable For You?


With the development of technology and the improvement of living standards, smart products have been transforming our lives. Among the emerging smart products, different shapes of smart mirrors have become one of the most popular bathroom products. Shape of smart mirrors are diverse. It’s not just aesthetics, mirrors of different shapes have their advantages. Shape of smart mirrors can make a small house look more spacious and a large bathroom looks more appropriate.

Yes, smart mirrors are truly amazing. What Shape Of Smart Mirror Is Most Suitable For Your Decorative Project? Let’s explore the characteristics and advantages of each design.

Shape Of  Smart Mirror

Shape of smart mirror with Framed

In addition to shape of smart mirror, smart mirrors with borders are also a popular trend. One of the outstanding advantages of framed mirrors is the ability to customize the style. Frames as decorative elements, we can choose from different styles. Whether it is gorgeous, minimalist, rustic, or modern, frames add personalization.

Whether it is an acrylic or aluminum frame, we have a wide range of options. We can consider the theme of the room, and the color of the decoration, and choose the frame material that meets our preferences.In addition to the frame material, we can also choose the color of the frame, simple white, luxurious gold, bright silver, and understated black, which allow us to personalize the decoration, and everyone is a mirror designer.

Shape Of  Smart Mirror

Shape of smart mirror

The smart mirror adopts a frameless design with a matte texture, which is better for our hands. With a multi-functional sensitive touch and a simple operation interface, it is more convenient to use.

Hixen‘s smart mirror supports Bluetooth and a digital clock, can answer calls, play music, display temperature and time, and is your butler.

Round shape of smart mirror

Round shape of samart mirror exudes a soft feeling, making it the perfect choice for creating a pleasant atmosphere in the bathroom or bedroom. One of the standout advantages of round smart mirrors is the 360-degree viewing experience. This design allows users to capture their reflections from every angle. Multiple round shape of smart mirrors arranged on a wall create a visually striking display. This arrangement not only enhances the decor but also contributes to a sense of balance and symmetry, making it a popular choice for stylish interiors. The rounded mirror has a more rounded edge, providing a comfortable tactile experience.

Shape Of  Smart Mirror

Rectangle shape of smart mirror

Rectangular shape of smart mirror has simple lines. Whether in a sleek bathroom, minimalist bedroom, or a contemporary living space, the rectangular design enhances the overall modern appeal of the room. The rectangular form lends itself well to above-vanity installations, this placement ensures practicality while offering ample space for integrated smart features. The elongated shape of the rectangular smart mirror provides the canvas, defogging function, digital clock, and Bluetooth to find the right place on the mirror, adding to the functionality of the mirror. Hixen supports customized. No matter whether you prefer a small mirror in a powder room or a large mirror in a spacious bathroom, you can customize it.

Shape Of Smart Mirror

Oval shape of smart mirror

Oval shape of smart mirror looks even more elegant. The oval mirror offers a variety of installation options, whether it is placed on the dresser or hung on the wall, making it very stylish and beautiful. In a room dominated by straight lines, oval shape of the smart mirrors incorporate soft design elements and curved borders replace the edges and corners of rectangular mirrors, breaking away from the rigid design and adding a gentle touch.

Shape Of The Smart Mirror

Arched shape of smart mirror

Arched shape of smart mirror embody architectural elegance. This classic design is the perfect choice for those seeking traditional sophistication that brings a sense of grandeur to the interior. Whether positioned above a vanity, or fireplace or as part of a gallery wall, arched smart mirrors draw attention. Arched shape of the smart mirrors emphasize vertical space, making them particularly advantageous in rooms where a sense of height is desired. The upward sweep of the arch adds a vertical dynamic, contributing to the illusion of taller ceilings and a more spacious feel. In furniture with angular design styles, arched smart mirrors incorporate arched lines and curves to balance the overall effect.

Shape Of The Smart Mirror

Hanging Smart Mirror

Hanging smart mirrors not only bring a sense of suspended elegance to the space but also a sense of stylish dynamics. Whether positioned in the bathroom, bedroom, or hallway, the adaptability in wall placement makes hanging smart mirrors suitable for various rooms and configurations, enhancing spatial flexibility. Hanging smart mirrors introduce a sense of lightness, making them an excellent choice for spaces where a visually uncluttered atmosphere is desired. Hanging smart mirrors, with their adjustable heights, cater to the accessibility needs of different individuals.


This article explains the advantages and purchase suggestions of different shapes of smart mirrors, hoping to be helpful for your choice. Hixen supports customizing mirrors of any shape, not just mentioned in the article. With our professional packaging team and transportation team, mirrors can appear in your room soon, and we support LOGO customization. Producing your mirrors is our best. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

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