How to Choose a Rectangle Backlit Smart Mirror?


With the development of mirrors, our pursuit of the appearance and function of mirrors has increased, not limited to the installation of exquisite frames. Luminous mirrors have become one of the most popular products in the bathroom. Do you want to buy a backlit smart mirror? Maybe you’re wondering if backlit smart mirror is right for you, in this article, I will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of backlit smart mirrors, hoping to help you.

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Is Rectangle Backlit Smart Mirror Good?

In the realm of bathroom design, the rectangle backlit smart mirror becomes a nice choice for those seeking to enhance their bathroom experience. The rectangular backlit smart mirror is designed with clean lines, whether unframed or framed, gorgeous or minimalist, the rectangular backlit smart mirror complements the bathroom. Rectangle backlit smart mirrors are more modern and authoritative compared to oval or round mirrors, and the rectangular mirror does not waste space. When you install a rectangular backlit smart mirror, the backlit surface makes every angle look uniform. With light adjustment and defogging functions, it can both provide lighting for beauty and serve as a visual focal point in the bathroom.

backlit Smart Mirror

Doed Backlit Smart Mirror Provide Enough Light?

A backlit smart mirror cannot replace the main ceiling light in the bathroom, but it is an indispensable functional light. Before the invention of smart mirrors, people would install incandescent bulbs to increase the brightness of the mirror, which was very dazzling. It casts a lot of shadows on our faces or the mirror, and it’s very inconvenient to use. Backlit smart mirrors save energy, provide even light, are simple to install, and have many other features to choose from.

Three color temperatures to choose from: warm yellow light, neutral light, and cold white light, and can be freely matched.

The brightness adjustment range is 3000K-6000K.

So why change the light color?

Different light colors have different functions, not only to meet the needs of makeup but also to adjust the bathroom atmosphere, allowing us to enjoy life more.

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Warm yellow light: This color of light is more suitable for bathing and skin care, allowing us to relax and enjoy peace of mind.
Neutral light: This color of light imitates outdoor light, and is more suitable when applying makeup before going out to play.

Cold white light: This color offers more light, reduces shadows, and improves clarity, making it ideal for delicate makeup, such as before work.

I guess you are thinking:
How about the front lighting mode smart mirror?

Compared to the front-lit bathroom mirror, backlit mirrors provide less lighting.

Both of these provide even lighting, but since the backlight is on the back of the mirror, the front-lit is relatively softer. The front-lit mirror is relatively brighter because the mirror light source is mounted on the surface of the mirror. Don’t worry about the lighting, both mirrors are bright because they are adjustable.

How Do I Choose a Rectangle Backlit Bathroom Mirror?

Identify the requirements of the local market

Before choosing mirrors, identifying the requirements of your local market is necessary. Since LED mirrors have many electronic accessories, different countries have different requirements for accessories, such as CE certification for European markets and UL certification for North America. Hixen support below certification: SAA, CE, UL, ETL.

Identify the purpose of purchasing.

The purpose of your purchase plays a key role in choosing the smart mirror. Are you a retailer, wholesaler, or distributor? Different applications have different standards, and we will also prepare different packaging according to your sales channels. Hixen offers foam board, cardboard boxes, and wooden crate packaging, also packed according to customer’s requirements.

Confirm the following specifications according to local living habits and culture.

The size of smart mirrors
The size of the smart mirrors should be in harmony with the size of the bathroom. Smaller mirrors will make the bathroom look too empty, and larger mirrors will make it look crowded. It’s necessary to measure the bathroom wall size in advance. Hixen can provide different sizes of smart mirrors, even if the length is 2500mm, we have our glass processing center.

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The function of smart mirrors

The reason why it is called a smart mirror is that it has more functions to meet our daily needs. These include:
Intelligently adjust lighting,anti-fog, magnifying, digital clock(time, temperature, weather), Bluetooth(play music, answer calls)etc.

Intelligently adjust lighting

Smart mirrors can adjust the light color and intensity, whether using enough light for makeup or soft lighting for relaxation, smart mirrors fully meet your needs. Hixen uses 3000-6000K safety light belts, short press to adjust the color and long press to adjust the brightness, support customized lighting color, longer service, and enclosed patented light slot design for greater safety.


The anti-fog function is to provide immediate clarity to the mirror’s surface. There will be a lot of mist in the bathroom after the shower, mirrors will become blurry. Smart mirrors with anti-fog capabilities typically integrate a heating element into the mirror’s surface. This element warms the mirror, preventing condensation and fog from forming on the glass.

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Among the many mirror functions, the magnifying function becomes the focus of the smart mirror. For women who pursue delicate makeup, the magnified function is very important, whether it is wearing contact lenses, modifying eyebrows, wearing lipstick, or especially suitable for men to modify their beards. The magnifying function enriches our perception of details, making our makeup look more delicate and our lives more comfortable.

Digital Clock

Sometimes we make up too carefully and seriously, and we tend to ignore the time. If you are worried about being late for an appointment or work, the smart mirror with a digital clock is more suitable for you. In addition to displaying the time, smart mirrors can also display the temperature of the day, making matching clothes easier. Who wouldn’t want to have a smart mirror life assistant? 


Sometimes the phone rings when we are making up, and it is troublesome to run to the living room to answer the phone. If we have a smart mirror with Bluetooth function, then the problem will be solved perfectly, not only the function of answering the phone but also playing music. With the intelligently adjusted lighting, playing your favorite music, enjoy your life. The smart mirror of Hixen can be controlled with wet hands, we also produce smart mirrors with human body induction, voice control, and radar function. 

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Where to Place a Rectangle Backlit Smart Mirror in Your Bathroom?

It is better not to install the mirror in the bathroom opposite the window, as it is easy to expose privacy, or a bird flies outside the window, you will also be frightened, although the smart mirror’s waterproof safety is very good, we still recommend installing it 3 meters away from the shower, unless your bathroom is dry and wet separation. We always feel that the mirror should be installed above the center of the sink. In fact, with the development of bathroom design, we can try to innovate, and other parts of the bathroom can also be used.

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How to Maintain the Rectangle Backlit Bathroom Mirror?

  1. Use a soft, lint-free cloth for dust removal. Microfiber or cotton cloths are excellent choices for maintaining a pristine appearance.
  2. Use alcohol to wipe. Don’t rinse water directly onto the smart mirror.


This article introduces some knowledge of backlit bathroom mirrors, hoping to help you.
Hixen has different shapes, sizes, and functions for smart mirrors, we can help you find the perfect mirror. With our professional packaging team, quality inspection personnel, and proper prices, you won’t have to wait long to get your new mirror installed in your bathroom. If you are interested, feel free to contact us.

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