Tips on Choosing an Electric Mirror For Your Bathroom


With the development of bathroom decoration, electric mirrors have become the focus of modern bathroom design. Electric mirrors not only reflect beauty, but also illuminate the space, enhance the atmosphere, and create a luxurious and technologically advanced bathroom experience.

A bathroom without a lighting mirror is not perfect. Believe me, owning an LED mirror can make a huge difference in your life. LED lights are brighter than regular incandescent lamps, consume less energy, last longer, and have more natural lighting.

HIXEN supports customizing electric mirrors of various shapes, whether it is a simple rectangle or a retro oval, we can meet your various needs, and I am sure you will love how you look in front of the mirror.

So what should we pay attention to when choosing an electric mirror? Let’s read this article.

Electric Mirror

Electric Mirror Size

The size of a mirror plays an important role in the overall aesthetic and functional aspects of a bathroom, and when it comes to choosing an LED mirror, the dimensions become a critical consideration. Let’s delve into the impact of mirror size on the choice of LED mirrors and explore how it affects the visual effect of the bathroom.

A large mirror gives the bathroom the illusion of spaciousness, making it the perfect choice for a small bathroom. LED mirrors, with their sleek designs and integrated lighting, amplify this effect by adding a touch of modern elegance. Homeowners seeking to maximize visual space often opt for expansive LED mirrors that reflect light and create an open, airy atmosphere.

For users considering practicality, large mirrors can provide a more comprehensive view and accommodate multiple people together, which is more suitable for shared bathrooms or situations where multiple people need to use mirrors at the same time. On the contrary, small mirrors are more suitable for private spaces.

A well-proportioned mirror complements the overall design, creating a cohesive and balanced look. In bathrooms with high ceilings, vertically oriented LED mirrors can accentuate the height of the space, while horizontally oriented mirrors may suit rooms with lower ceilings.

The size of the electric mirror is an important factor when choosing, affecting the beauty and practicality of the bathroom. The right-sized electric mirror can visually change the size of the bathroom and improve the atmosphere.

Electric Mirror

Electric Mirror Functions

In addition to choosing the right size, the choice of function is also crucial, electric mirrors not only have lighting functions, let’s explore other functions.

1. Illuminated

The main function of electric mirrors is to illuminate. More natural light does not create shadows on our faces, whether it is makeup, shaving or beauty, LED mirrors are a great choice.

2. Touch Switch

Touch controls or motion sensors for turning the lights on and off add a layer of sophistication and ease of use. These features not only contribute to the modern aesthetics of the bathroom but also enhance the overall user experience.

3. Light Adjustment

Electric mirrors can not only adjust the light intensity, but also adjust the light color, 3000K-6000K, whether it is the white light used in daily work makeup, the natural light used before outdoor activities, or the warm light used before attending dinner parties, an LED mirror can meet all your needs.

4. Magnifying

The magnifying function, often expressed as a magnification factor (e.g., 3x, 5x, or 10x), allows users to zoom in on specific areas of their face. This is a very useful function for complex makeup such as eyebrow trimming, beard shaving, and contact lenses, which can help us deal with details more accurately.

5. Defogging

The special practical function of the electric mirror is defogging. Even if we just finished the shower, we can use it immediately without manually wiping the mirror. The one-click defogging function will automatically heat up, allowing us to use the mirror quickly.

Electric Mirror

6. Bluetooth

Another practical feature is Bluetooth, which not only supports playing music, but also answers calls, combining entertainment and life, making it more convenient for us to use.

7. Temperature

LED mirrors can measure the temperature of the bathroom to avoid catching a cold due to thin clothing.

8. Digital Clock

The function of the digital clock is to provide users with a convenient and easily accessible display of the current time. The digital display is often unobtrusive, blending harmoniously with the mirror’s reflective surface. For users with a busy schedule, a digital clock function is essential, allowing them to observe the time while applying makeup.

9. Human Body Induction

When it senses someone nearby, the mirror automatically lights up. No manual control is required. When the bathroom is empty, the LED mirror remains dormant and only works when someone is close to the specified distance. This not only saves energy but also complies with environmentally friendly design principles. This feature is particularly beneficial during nighttime visits to the bathroom, ensuring that users have sufficient illumination without the need to search for a light switch.

Electric Mirror

Electric Mirror Style

Choose the right electric mirror, in addition to considering the size and function, but also the mirror style. Different mirror styles bring different bathroom atmospheres, which also increase the visual appeal and reflect the user’s taste. So what are the styles of mirrors? How does it affect the bathroom atmosphere? Let’s explore together.

The styles of LED mirrors are diverse, from fashionable and modern designs to the continuation of traditional and retro. It is necessary to choose the style of LED mirrors according to the bathroom decoration.

The rectangular mirror’s lines are more concise, synonymous with minimalism, and with innovative features, it adds more modernity to the LED mirror.

If you like vintage designs, then the oval mirror is more suitable for you. The traditional design of the oval infuses the LED mirror with timeless charm, creating a more personalized space.

The mirror style serves as a form of personal expression for individuals. The choice of a sleek and futuristic LED mirror may reflect a preference for modernity and technological innovation. Alternatively, a mirror with a rustic or vintage-inspired style may convey a love for classic aesthetics.

Electric Mirror


Finally, you also need to consider whether you need a framed LED mirror or a frameless LED mirror. They are almost the same, the framed ones are decorative, and you can choose an aluminum frame (black/gold) or an acrylic frame.

In larger bathrooms, framed mirrors can add a touch of sophistication without overwhelming the space. Frameless mirrors contribute to an open and airy feel, making them particularly suitable for smaller bathrooms.

Framed electric mirrors cost more, and different frame materials affect the overall price. Frameless electric mirrors are more budget-efficient.

For more on the differences between the two types of mirrors, please read this article.

5 Reasons to Install a Frameless LED Mirror in Your Bathroom (oushengmirror.com)


I believe you know what you need to pay attention to when choosing an electric mirror. I hope this article can help you choose the right mirror.

If you can’t wait to pick out your electric mirror, why not get in touch with HIXEN? We have over a decade of experience in the mirror industry, a large inventory of popular styles, and fast shipping. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

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