5 Ways to Check the Quality of LED Mirrors


LED mirrors with a sense of design are one of the most popular bathroom accessories. Since LED mirrors are made of glass and LED lamp materials, the materials are fragile, so dealers and wholesalers pay special attention to the quality of LED mirrors.

How To Check the Quality of LED Mirrors? This comprehensive guide provides you with key insights into assessing and verifying the quality of LED bathroom mirrors, empowering you to make informed decisions.

Quality of LED Mirrors

1. Checking Material and Build Quality of LED Mirrors

The material used in crafting the mirror for LED mirrors plays a pivotal role in determining the overall quality and performance of the product.

  • Glass

Dealers should be vigilant about the condition of the glass surface, whether it is a large crack or a small crack, which can affect the use of the mirror. If there is similar damage to the surface of the LED mirror, it is necessary to pay attention.

If there are black spots on the surface of the LED mirror, it indicates that the mirror may have been corroded. If this happens, you should immediately contact the merchant to replace the mirror.

  • Frame

High-quality frame materials, such as aluminum alloys, contribute to the durability and moisture resistance of bathroom environments.

Quality of LED Mirrors

LED mirrors are generally rectangular or round. Most bathroom mirrors have a frame, which not only increases the appearance but also provides extra protection for the product. The mirror is not easy to break or deform, making it an indispensable choice for dealers. And LED mirrors are usually placed in the bathroom, which is prone to water droplets. Frames that do not rust are a good choice.

  • Cable

Since smart mirrors like bathroom mirrors come with Light Emitting Diode lights, another issue that dealers must consider is the integrity of the cable. If any wires connected to the electrical components of the Light Emitting Diode bathroom mirror have cracks, it may indicate that the wiring is not safe once the light-emitting mirror is turned on.

2. Functions

After checking the mirror surface and frame quality of LED mirrors, we also need to check the function of the LED mirror. Generally speaking, after turning on the power, it is easy to evaluate whether the function of the mirror is installed.

  • Touch switch

LED mirrors usually have touch switches to turn the power on and off. A quality LED mirror should have intuitive controls and swift responsiveness to enhance user experience. So any issue encountered in manipulating the switch must be directed to the manufacturer of the product.

Quality of LED Mirrors
  • LED Lighting Quality

LED mirrors offer various color temperatures. Consider your preference for warm or cool lighting and ensure it aligns with the mirror’s specifications.

A high CRI ensures accurate color representation in the mirror’s LED lighting. Look for a CRI of 90 or above for true-to-life color rendering.

Just like the other buttons, the way to determine its functionality is by assessing how instant the changes are in terms of the brightness emitted by the LED lights once the button is pressed.

Quality of LED Mirrors
  • Antifog

A reliable anti-fog feature ensures a clear reflection even in humid bathroom conditions.

  • Digital clock

If we are too involved in makeup, we may ignore the time, or even be late for work or appointments. The digital clock function can help us. To check this function, you can compare the mirror time with the clock time.

Quality of LED Mirrors
  • Bluetooth function

Playing music and answering phone calls is the best way to check Bluetooth function.

  • Magnification function

If the mirror offers magnification, assess the quality of this feature. A distortion-free magnification enhances the mirror’s versatility for detailed tasks.

3. CE/UL Certifications

After we checked the function and material quality of LED mirrors. Verify that the LED bathroom mirror holds relevant certifications such as CE, UL, or ETL. These certifications indicate compliance with safety and quality standards.

4. Checking Packing Quality of LED Mirrors

High-quality packaging can better protect the mirror from damage. There should be no cracks between the mirror and the packaging, otherwise, it will be easily damaged on the way.

Hixen has designed two kinds of packaging for different purposes. If you still need secondary sales to other customers, we have mail packing. If you are directly using it for hotel projects, etc., we have in-store packing. We support customized packaging.

5. Installation

After we check the surface and function of the mirror, we should also pay attention to the installation of the mirror. For the convenience of installation, the mirror must be intact and undamaged, and the parts for installing the mirror and the instructions should be delivered together.

Quality of LED Mirrors


This article introduces how to check the quality of LED mirrors. I hope it will be helpful for you to choose your favorite mirror. If you are looking for an honest and reliable supplier, why not choose HIXEN? We have CE UL multi-certification, more than 10 years of mirror industry experience, support multi-functional customization, and even LOGO customization is free. If interested, please contact us.

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