13 Stunning Frameless LED Mirrors You Will Love


Do you want to make your bathroom more sophisticated? If so, why not choose frameless LED mirrors? These LED mirrors are modern and stylish and are one of the most popular bathroom products. They can not only reflect beauty but also add a variety of practical functions, becoming a little housekeeper in your life.

In this blog, we recommend 13 beautiful frameless LED mirrors that I am sure you will fall in love with. Whether you prefer simple or modern, luxurious or classic, we can meet your needs. Let’s see how these mirrors are changing our bathrooms and our lives.

1. HE18-1 Frameless LED mirror

Frameless LED Mirror

Do you need a stylish right-angle side LED mirror? Then HE18-1 is perfect for you. The rectangular LED mirror with a frameless design makes the bathroom look more spacious. The 3cm frosted luminous ring and glass of high-quality materials, not only guarantee clarity but also increase durability. This LED mirror is perfect for above the vanity and sink. It not only meets the needs of our daily makeup but also enhances the beauty of the bathroom.

2. HE18-2 Frameless LED mirror

Frameless LED Mirror

Do you like the LED mirror with a sense of design? Then please enjoy the HE18-2. This LED mirror is based on the HE18-1, and the LED luminous ring is closer to the inside of the mirror, which is more fashionable. You could choose the style that frontlit or backlit with frontlit, which not only helps us make up better but also adds more beauty to the bathroom.

3. HE18-3 Frameless LED mirror

Frameless LED Mirror

If you think the right-angled LED mirror is too old-fashioned, why not try the rounded-corner LED mirror? With a luminous ring with a sense of design, the HE18-3 is a very popular style. This LED mirror looks softer and makes people feel particularly relaxed. If it is matched with three-color lighting and magnifying glass functions, it not only looks beautiful but also very practical.

4. HE18-4 Frameless LED mirror

Frameless LED Mirror

What would it look like if the right-angled edge was matched with an LED mirror with a luminous ring designed with rounded corners? Please see HE18-4. This mirror is really very fashionable. Compared with the right-angled edge mirror, it has a circular luminous ring design, which looks very playful and is a style that many young people like.

5. HE18-5 Frameless LED mirror

Frameless LED Mirror

If you like hot-selling styles, then I recommend the HE18-5 with right-angle edges and right-angle luminous rings. Customers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Peru and South Korea all like this LED mirror very much. It is atmospheric and simple. With Frontlit and backlit, it makes the bathroom look bigger and more stylish. You can also add Bluetooth and defogging functions, and play your favorite music while applying makeup.

6. HE18-7 Frameless LED mirror

Frameless LED Mirror

We have learned about mirrors with rounded corners and luminous rings, so please enjoy HE18-7, mirrors with rounded edges and luminous rings. Compared with mirrors with right corners, mirrors with rounded edges look less sharp, feel softer, and make people feel more relaxed when wearing makeup. Whether it is hanging horizontally or vertically, this style is particularly beautiful and is the most dazzling decoration in the bathroom.

7. HE18-8 Frameless LED mirror

Frameless LED Mirror

After introducing so many styles of luminous rings in front of the mirror, let’s take a look at the backlit LED mirror – HE18-8. This round-edged backlit mirror makes the room look bigger and more romantic when applying makeup. It is also a hot-selling style for full-body mirrors. It is deeply loved by European, American and Australian customers. Secretly, I also like this style very much.

8. HE18-10 Frameless LED mirror

Frameless LED Mirror

Let’s take a look at the classic round-edged LED mirror – HE18-10. This mirror is a very classic style. Many people like the vertical style. And the LED mirror is installed above the dressing table, which looks fashionable and atmospheric. Do you like this classic mirror?

9. HE18-22 Frameless LED mirror

Frameless LED Mirror

You may be wondering why the number of the mirror has suddenly crossed to HE18-22? Because we are going to start showing the round mirror. This mirror is a modern style with a luminous ring in front of the mirror. The round mirror looks more smooth and can show our beauty in 360 degrees. It is a particularly popular one for customers in the UK and Australia.

10. HE18-24 Frameless LED mirror

Frameless LED Mirror

What would the Luminous Ring of the mirror look like if it was closer to the center of the mirror? Let’s enjoy the HE18-24. This style of mirror gives us the feeling of a double mirror, looks brighter, and is a very eye-catching decoration, making people can’t help but want to know more. This style is also very popular with European and American customers.

11. HE18-25 Frameless LED mirror

Frameless LED Mirror

We learned about the backlit mirror with right corners before, now let’s enjoy the backlit mirror with rounded corners – HE18-25. This mirror is a super hot-selling style, calm and atmospheric, restrained and fashionable, especially popular in Europe and the United States. Whether it is above the sink or above the dresser, it is a good choice. With Bluetooth and a digital clock function, it looks more practical.

12. HE18-26 Frameless LED mirror

Frameless LED Mirror

After admiring the round mirror, let’s take a look at the oval mirror, please see the classic LED mirror – HE18-26. If the round mirror breaks the traditional square mirror design, then the oval mirror is a more novel design. With three colors of lights, whether the mirror is hung horizontally or vertically, it adds a sense of mystery to the room. Who wouldn’t want to have a mirror full of design?

13. HE18-27 Frameless LED mirror

Frameless LED Mirror

Finally, let’s take a look at the luminous ring closer to the center of the oval mirror – HE18-27. This mirror is very elegant. Their minimalist design seamlessly integrates with various interior styles, making them a versatile choice for modern bathrooms. With three-color lighting and magnifying glass functions, the LED mirror not only looks beautiful but also very practical.


This article introduces 13 popular frameless LED mirrors, hoping there is a style you like. If you are looking for an honest supplier, why not choose HIXEN? We have over 10 years of experience in the mirror industry, products are exported to Europe, America, Japan, and Australia. We support LOGO customized and add LED mirror functions, such as adjusting lighting, defogging function, magnifying function, digital clock, Bluetooth, human body induction, etc. If you are interested, please contact us.

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